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Message from CEO

Since our establishment up to the present, Asano carries out enterprise activities targeted at the contribution to the clients and progress and development of the human society with our products, skills and technologies, cherishes operating activities of the partners, tries to become a company that “pursues happiness of all employees in both material and heart, contributes to the progress and development of the clients and society”.

We manufacture products from the standpoint of the clients. The clients may get the following experience by using our products and talking with our employees: “become pleasant”, “use at ease”, “hope to introduce the product to others”, “further learn knowledge and skills”, “assessment in the company has been improved”, “could complete the plan of affiliated department”. In the meantime, the client’s “achievements will be enhanced”, “share price increases and keeps at high price stably”, and even “the industry becomes prosperous”, “economy becomes prosperous stably in Japan and even in the world”.

Therefore, we advocate “client-first”, learn skills and technologies continuously, create reliable environment in which all employees could work at ease, try to become a serious and pleasant enterprise.

President & Chief Executive Officer Makoto Asano

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