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Head Office, Gunma Factory
(the First Metal Division: Isesaki City of Gunma-Ken)

Feature of the First Metal Division

The First Metal Division covers development support and production preparation support for customers. we make the best use of our various processing technologies and skills to support customer's development. We receive various 3-D data around CATIA, and we can produce 1 piece, trial or mass production, in response to customer requests from production of metal molds and jigs to a single item processing and assembly.
we can meet customer's various requests;
from sheet metal processing of iron, aluminum, stainless steel to Inconel, hastelloy and titan of special materials, casting of aluminum and magnesium, cutting and injection resin molding, from data creation of metal mold to simulation, shape measurement, surface treatment, etc. we widely help customers at their development stage in development support to preparation of production, by not only realizing of what customers want but also verifying and suggesting the production engineering towards mass production. we support customers in their design and production of press metal molds for mass production. we have been producing various metal molds such as single shot type, transfer type, progressive type. we in advance design metal molds considering every condition from the design start, we analyze by making the best use of CAD and make a trial run with 1000-ton mechanical press in-house. we can suggest considered lead time from prototype to metal mold for mass production adopting processing techniques for permanent mold at the prototype stage.

Business scope

Production of prototype sheet metal parts(metal mold to product and assembly), machining, design and production of jigs, pipe processing, hand-work,
Design and production of metal molds and jigs for mass production.

Production Performance

Prototype parts of automotive frames, engine hoods, trunks, seats, exhaust parts, engine boxes and battery cases, etc.
Press metal molds for mass production for outer parts such as automotive bodies, intake and exhaust systems, seats, functional components and motorcycle shell tank and inner tank to inner parts.

Head Office, Gunma Factory (the First Metal Division)

Location 2718-1, Sanwa‐cho, Isesaki City, Gunma, 372-0011 Japan
TEL 0270-75-1700
FAX 0270-75-1600
Trial sheet metal parts: moulds – products and assembly.
Processing of machine tools, incurved ends of round bars and pipes.
Fixture design and production. Injection moulds – products.
Welding and assembly by using welding guns and manipulators, bending and assembly of round bars and pipes.
Design and production of mass-produced stamping dies and fixtures.
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