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Kyoto Factory (Resin Division SERA: Kyoto City of Kyoto-Fu)

Features of Resin Division SERA

Our Resin Division SERA mainly manufactures plastic injection moulds, which specializes in manufacturing external moulds for optical equipment, and plastic moulds for components of office equipment, medical equipment, and automobiles. We have three injection mould machines to manufacture high-quality moulds, and implement trial stamping on finished moulds and adopt 3D measuring machines for strict measurement examination and management. We adopt online applications such as CAD/CAM system and NC processing data system in design to improve the processing efficiency and meet requirements for submicron-based precision moulds, and also to realize the precision improvement and automation-based high efficiency. We implement much better and more complete solutions to appearance products than before, including products, plungers, ring moulds, mass-produced moulds with a high degree of difficulty (such as high-precision structural components and PPS materials), trial moulds and mould products.

Business scope

Design and manufacturing of plastic injection moulds

Production performance

Plastic injection moulds for internal parts of cameras, computers, office appliances, medical instruments, and automobiles.

Kyoto Factory (Resin Division SERA)

Location 378-7, Tsukiyama-Cho, Kuze,Minami-Ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto, 601-8203 Japan
TEL 075-921-6324
FAX 075-922-4974
Precision quenching moulds for plastic injection
(Used for cameras, computers, medical equipment, office equipment, and automobiles)
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