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About the Small, Organized Units Divisional Accounting System of Asano (Amoeba Management)

The small, organized units divisional accounting system, which means that the organization is divided into many small units (or subsections), and the organization structure of divisional accounting is adopted to stimulate the small units to work more actively. Each organized unit has its own definite functions and responsibilities, works independently, and rebuild Asano group as a unified body of discrete units. Entrust the responsibility and commission of those units to “Group Leader” , who can work as the manager of company to think about talents, products, and cost. The group leader play an indispensable role in each unit. They should pay close attention to the product market, collect the information about products, and respond to market changes promptly.

Actual results and the state of management are displayed in the “Management announcement window” by statistics so that all members of company can share the existing problems and solve them together. In this way, each employee take an active role in the workplace and spontaneously participates in management. The outcome is “management by all”. In Amoeba management, the managers and all members of the amoeba unit pool their wisdom and effort to achieve targets, and manager the enterprise by all, and improve business performance. As a result the company and each employee is improved.

In Amoeba management, it is imperative that “the bonds of human minds”. While it may be said that there is nothing more fragile and mutable than the human mind, it is also true that a bond of human, can be among the strongest of all known phenomena. It is very important that all members can combine their efforts to participate in management for the development of the company, as well as work with a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Therefore, we attempt to build the reliable relationship in the company, and we could share the joys and sorrows of work in Asano.

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  • About the Small, Organized  Units Divisional Accounting  System of Asano  (Amoeba Management)
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