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Introduction to Occupation


Salesmen in Asano often adjust their marketing strategies according to the clients’ subtle changes, market and competition changes. In response to the world’s changes and alternation, they would develop corresponding strategies to enhance economic returns of the sales department and make joint efforts to be No.1 in Japan.

  • Giving priority to orders of trial sheet metal parts, mass produced parts and moulds from automobile companies.
  • Supporting the overall coordination of product manufacturing.

Manufacturing technology, production management and CAD/CAM design

The aim of technologists in Asano is to be No.1 in Japan in producing trial parts, stamping dies and resin moulds. Therefore, they learn from leading manufacturing companies and work jointly to solve problems in capital and technology, thus struggling for the goals.

  • Processing sheet metals of the automobile body by using the multilevel interconnection generator (MIG), teletype input generator (TIG), spot welding and welding manipulators.
  • Processing trial sheet metal of automobiles in a small scale by using hydraulic machine tools.
  • Processing Asano’s trial sheet metals by using 3D laser machine tools.
  • Producing 3D CAD data production

Quality management

Quality managers in Asano take being No.1 in Japan as their objective and strictly manage the production of trial parts, stamping dies and resin moulds. To this end…their criterion is that their products will “not be delivered” if the quality does not meet the highest quality standards in Japan. If the products are found unqualified in inspection, acceptance and delivery, quality managers should take temporary or permanent measures to avoid such conditions.

  • Measurement of automobile parts.
  • Measurement of moulds or trial parts.

Management (personnel in charge of general affairs / accountant)

The managers, who take charge of the transaction of business in Asano. assume the responsibilities of management, general affairs and inventory. In the future, the company will clearly assign the responsibilities of departments of HR, general affairs, management, finance and inventory, and support the production department.

  • Supporting background operation of Asano, and data management which plays a role in the business plan.
  • On recruitment methods and talent demand
  • Recruitment requirements
  • Introduction to Occupation
  • On educational system
  • Certificates
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