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On Education and Training System

We humans have an infinite capacity for accomplishing our purposes, if we have any pursuits. In Asano, we all employees, salesmen and leaders should master a “good thinking”, improve “communication capability”, achieve “effective communication”, improve “sales capability” and have a clear objective. All members combine efforts to achieve the purposes. Therefore…

Amoeba management conference

◆ Improve the quality of seminars : Asano is carrying out Amoeba management. In Amoeba management, leaders, who are regarded as the center to draw a plan, work with other staff members to reach the goal through collective wisdom and efforts. The philosophy emphasizes that each employee is a major role and participate in management independently to realize “management by all.”

New recruits training

◆ Internal training : for the new recruits who come to the society, representatives from Asano will enthusiastically implement the supporting system, which includes star rating based on the OJT, multi-functional training and marketing practice.

◆ External training : to equip the new recruits with a right thinking as Asano people, representatives from Asano guide them to give full play to potential initiatives, experience the importance of teamwork, challenge ambitious goals and experience the joy out of striving.

◆ Field practice : In Amoeba management system, the new recruits learn technologies and skills of Asano from the leader in Amoeba and superiors.

◆ Annual external joint training : is a custom for the predecessors to welcome the juniors. By communicating with other companies, the new recruits understand their growth by recalling the things learnt in a year after joining the company.

Management philosophy infiltration training

◆ Realization of management concept : in order to realize “management concept”, the employees experience management philosophy and play a role in career after getting a right understanding of the management concept. Moreover, the employees who have been instructed talk and share their experiences with the other members who have not been instructed. Therefore all the employees can play the role in their career.

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