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Introduction of Certificate Obtaining and
Commendation System

Employees in Asano should have clear working attitudes and objectives, improve their motivation, and piece out the situation about the skill level of each member. In this way, the company can foster talents in a planned way. The company pays the handling fees for employees who take part in the national exams. On the other hand, in terms of commendation system, the company praises the employees with long length of service, and those who obtain national qualifications and outstanding personnel in improvement project in the presentation of the business plan.

  • Commendation of staff members with long length of service: 5 years/10 years/25 years
  • People who obtain the national occupational skill appraisal
  • Improvement projects (excellent projects)
  • Patent and practical proposal applicants
  • People who contribute to disaster prevention or life saver, etc.
  • On recruitment methods and talent demand
  • Recruitment requirements
  • Introduction to Occupation
  • On educational system
  • Certificates
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