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Product Manufacturing and Development Support

What is Asano's Technology Team

Asano provides technology supports for clients through Technology Team. (business department + design department).

The unique characteristic of Asano Technology Team lies in both of business department and design department can provide client supports for the clients, compared to other competitors. This organizational form not only shortens the lead time, but also reduces the misunderstanding risks by direct communications between design department and clients. Consequently gaining a higher trusts from the clients.

Technology Team Provides Solution Service

Trial production may be developed on the basis of mass production.

The purpose of obtaining the perfect mass production, Technology Team contributes to solve potential problems by adopting multiple skills utilized in metal mold and mass production to make a trial product at a design stage.

The whole process from prototype design to production is running both in the simple trial molds and mass-producted molds for resin injection molding.

The whole process from prototype design to production is running both in the simple trial molds and mass-produced molds for resin injection molding. The clients' opinions and requirements will penetrate in overall process after understanding them at a design stage. We also can deal with any changing situation about design change or mold reconstruction from the clients rapidly. We use the most advanced software to analyses the sheet metal thickness and formed product status when it was extended by punching machine,so as to shorten the lead time.

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