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With Respect to Assist the Production Preparation

What is "assist the production preparation"

Manufacturers in different industries have to prepare for production when developing new products. Asano receives the order from the client to manufacture metal molds. That means assisting the client to prepare for production.

Examples of a number of car manufacturers and motor cycle manufacturers who use metal molds for metal stamping purpose in the preparation for production

The manufacturer produces the trial car practically after completing design. They have to conduct road test, durable test, impact test and other tests repeatedly, then determine the design, specification, standard of the cars to be launched into the market. In order to prevent failure of mass -produced cars delivered to end users, all of fault must to be solved completely at the test stage of the trial car. In addition, mass production efficiency is also an nonnegligible issue. At the test stage, assembly convenience for transition to mass production must be considered. Asano could produce the metal molds for the parts of trial car in road test and durable test, as well as the metal molds for mass-produced cars which are sold to be up to ten of thousands. In recent years, development cycle in car industry is shortened continuously, quicker development speed is required, Asano fully utilizes its high coping capacity, technological capability and proposal capability, makes efforts to adapt to the ever faster development speed.

Production preparation for metal molds for plastic injection moulding

We help camera and other optical equipment manufacturers and medical equipment manufacturers, car manufacturers to prepare for production. Metal molds produced for the above-mentioned manufacturers have extremely high dimensional accuracy, could withstand thousands of injections. Also design and produce quenched precision plastic metal molds of high durability. Not only listen to the clients' requirements at the design stage, provide better product shape, but also provide solutions for technical problems in product manufacturing. Even if actual metal molds are supplied to the clients, design changes and maintenance of precision metal molds could be coped with rapidly, Asano gains a higher trusts as a good partner of the clients in preparation for production.

What is Capable of in Asano?

Manufacturing of trial metal molds for metal processing

We prepare the data for trial metal molds, according to the data provided by the client, and finally manufacture products. With ZAS (zinc alloy) casting equipment, quick delivery requirements may be satisfied. Also manufacture metal molds for FC casting. Recently, also provide solution for high tension steel plate etc. materials that are not easily extensible to meet the client's requirements. Provide metal molds from small size bracket to trunk, engine hood, roof, floor, skeleton parts - frame.

Manufacturing of metal molds for mass production

We manufacture large-scale metal molds for mass production of car skeleton parts in the main. From the design of metal molds for mass production to manufacturing of metal molds for mass production. To manufacture steel ball moulds, utilize our 1,000 t mechanical punching machine for product trial, check existing disadvantages of the metal molds, confirm accuracy, provide high precision metal molds for mass production to the clients.

Manufacturing of metal mold for plastic injection molding

We contribute to design, develop and manufacture metal molds for plastic injection molding of optical equipment, medical equipment and car parts. Maximum dimension of metal molds could meet the requirements of 250 t forming machine. In order to meet the clients' requirements, various services may be provided. At the same time, we design and manufacture high precision, high durability quenched precision plastic metal molds.

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