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Product Manufacturing and Development Support

Assistance in Product Manufacturing

Asano, has long-term accumulated skills and advanced technological capability.

Asano was established in 1953. Ever since we have been dedicating ourselves to manufacture of trial products for the major car manufactures and motorcycle manufactures for developing new vehicle types. At present, in addition to a small quantity of trial products, we have also introduced mass production technology of large-scale metal molds to produce car frame and pillar etc., introduced resin molded metal mold technology to produce medical equipment, optical equipment parts and cars. In order to meet the client’s requirements, we build on our technologies, and produce over 10,000 kinds of parts in a year. Today, product design and development period becomes extremely transient, Asano always hold the belief to contribute for the client. Asano insists on the client first, is dedicated to increase product development efficiency and shorten the lead time, could provide quick delivery, a few metal molds for trial production at low cost, until metal molds for mass production, metal molds for plastic injection molding. From one part to a lot of parts, Asano makes efforts to provide support for the client's product development.

Specific support flow

Asano’s support starts from the client’s product conception and planning stage. We provide proposal of better shape according to the client's requirements. In addition, at conception and planning stage, Asano provides optimal proposal for the client using the skills related with improving cost and metal mold composition. In aspect of technical support, Asano utilizes high technological capability, up-to-date equipment and cumulative skills to manufacture high precision products and high precision metal molds more quickly. For the clients who lack of worker, Asano once sent well experienced workers of high technological capability to the factories to support the client's development for many times.

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