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Product Manufacturing and Development Support

Development Support Concept

Asano Co.,Ltd. manufactures more than 10,000 types of parts every year. Asano Co.,Ltd. is of long history and has profound technical knowledge and high-end technologies. We receive most orders for parts from large-scale manufacturing enterprises, and then begin to develop and massively produce the ordered parts. Ever since 1953, we manufactures trial parts and moulds for automobile and motorcycle manufacturers to develop new vehicles, and provides all kinds of parts for racing cars. Now, we hope that we can continue to enhance our coping capacity, technical strengths, and proposal capacity, and provide support for development of clients' products and parts. All these capacities are accumulated by providing parts for automobile and bicycle manufacturing enterprises, and providing development support and trial parts for enterprises that manufacture aviation machines, electrical appliances, optical instruments, and medical equipment. In addition, three factories in Gunma, Shizuoka, and Kyoto implement metal stamping, mould manufacturing, and injection mould manufacturing.

What Does the Product Manufacturing and Development Support Refer to?

In product development and parts processing, some troublesome problems will definitely rise. Asano Co.,Ltd. is a professional company that can solve these troublesome problems. The processing technology and the technical knowledge that are obtained through agelong trial production can make clients' ideational products come into being. We consider clients’ demands as ours. We struggle to improve the efficiency of product development, shorten the production cycle, realize integrated trial-production of few products with faster delivery and lower cost, and provide development support for clients. Asano aims to become an enterprise that is needed by clients and can pay back clients’ expectations.

Concerning the Abilities of Countermeasurements and Proposal of Asano

Asano has marketing department in every location such as Gunma-ken, Shizuoka-ken and Kyoto-fu, provided with the most excellent sales men in the industry, being able to adopt countermeasures for emergent entrusted matters, difficult problems and urgent response, etc. requested by clients. Concerning proposal ability, if new case that has never been made in the metal part processing field or situation that requires high-technology capacity occurs, Asano will range well-experienced technical team to carry out researches in advance for the matters concerning manufacture, and put forward the most suitable plan to client depending on the expertise accumulated in making several thousand trial parts every month.

Technology and Equipment Capacities of Asano

Concerning technology capacity, Asano manufactures more than 10,000 types of parts every year. Centralized by the members of the technology team of the expert team, the company correctly explores the problems and improvement approaches in the manufacturing process and manufactures by the professional operators strictly according to the drawings of clients after researches in advance. Thus, the company has accumulated super technology and professional skills, having obtained high prizes from the famous manufacturers.
Asano has always kept the leading position in the same industry. In the capacity of equipment, Asano possesses all the equipment needed from manufacture, assembly of products to making moulds for mass production.
Concerning metal production equipment, the company possesses ZAS manufacturing equipment, large-scaled processing center, 3D laser processor, all kinds of hydraulic presses between 30t~1200t, 1000t mechanical press, all kinds of welding machines, bending machines, automatic spot welding machine and fix-axis processor. In the aspect of resin-related equipments, the company has the most advanced extrusion shaping machine, linear radiation processor and processing center, etc. Through the joint motion of CAD/CAM design and the most advanced equipment, all kinds of parts can be made. Concerning quality assurance after the completion of parts, 3D measuring instruments and non-contact measuring machines are used. The quality assurance department set in each location (not for moulding category) will carry out detection on parts to assure the quality of high-precision products.

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