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Asano Co.,Ltd. is Intelligent in Product Manufacturing,

Due to Agelong Experience in Automobile Industry and the
Production System of and Experience in Integration of Cost,
Technology, and Coping Capacity.

Problems in resin product manufacturing

Once employees of a food distribution company that used the resin vacuum container complained that “the container is too fragile”, “the surface of the container turns rough after washing, and dirt and germs are embedded in it”, “high-temperature sterilization of above 65 degrees Celsius can not be performed”, “liquid always flows out from the vesicant filler box”, “the container is too heavy and inconvenient to be moved; we do not know whether a container has been used or not after collected ”, and they hoped that “the miso soup in the container is still warm even after two hours”.

Material selection and simulation of the container

We thought that only titanium could solve such problems and make wishes come true due to its features. Titanium is light, non-poisonous and harmless to human beings and has low thermal conductivity. Moreover, titanium is one of the most corrosion-resistant and durable metal. Despite the high performance mentioned above, titanium is a material that is difficult to be processed for moulding. Therefore, we adopted the simulation stamping moulding technology, which was one of the unique technologies of Asano. Through this technology, we processed titanium materials into a titanium plate with thickness of 0.55 mm and that had the same shape with that of the client’s resin product. Then we processed the titanium plate into a mould by stamping.

Material selection and simulation of the container

Trial production and performance evaluation of titanium vessels

Based on the simulation results and argumentation of performance theories, the production of titanium vessel begun. Even though it was feasible in terms of data, however, many problems that could not be resolved by computers still emerged in processing. The trial production and processing technology of Asano was accumulated in such circumstances. The combination of the latest technology and craftsmanship made these things possible. As a data basis for the design of mass-produced moulds, the collected problems and technical difficulties were applied in product manufacturing and moulding. Although the products were unique and there were no combined technologies and machines, the manufacturing department and the technology development department of Asano still initiated a full discussion. And with the help of the technology network, the optimum processing solution came into being. To ensure the tightness and the strength of the product, we adopted the scroll technique that was used in production of cans and metal pails, and improved and updated our equipment so that all products could be finished. We implemented performance tests on functions, strength, and precision of trial products. Once functions and measurement of products did not meet the requirements, we needed to change the product materials and the measurement of products and experiment on them.

Trial production and performance evaluation of titanium vessels

Flexible use of peripheral organizations

After basic performance was equipped, the next step was to find antibiotic surface materials. Asano accumulated experience in the automobile industry and obtained technical experience through cooperation with all walks of life. Through the platform called “industry coalition", enterprises in different industries can discuss their technologies and new manufacturing methods, making ideas come true. Some partner enterprises provided assistance for us in surface treatment so that we could manufacture titanium vessels that were antibiotic and could be cleaned by water. With no doubt, the existing technology is not enough to meet technical requirements of Asano for more powerful functions and higher performance. All these requirements can be satisfied only through joint research and development. The titanium container was designated as a new assistance plan by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Chugoku(METI Chugoku) in 2006

Flexible use of peripheral organizations

Mass production and sufficient supply

The trial product could meet all requirements. The next step was to think about the mass production of this product. The mass-produced mould factory of Asano was in Ota City of Gunma-Ken, and the mass-produced stamping factory was in Kikukawa City of Shizuoka-Ken. Based on the trial production, the head office, Gunma factory accomplished a series of processes from mass-produced mould design, mould manufacturing and product manufacturing to mass production. The integrated production process from trial production to mass production was one of the best technologies of Asano. Absolutely, the durability, temperature, and antibiosis property of products that were massively manufactured needed to be inspected by public institutions. We adopted the equipment and techniques that were used to ensure the precision parts of automobiles, making sure that the finished products were of good quality. The process from accepting the order and manufacturing management to delivery complied with the ISO9001 standard. We also had a complete system to provide qualified products at a reasonable price for our clients. Finally, we succeeded in manufacturing the 0.4 mm-thick panel. Moreover, we developed the titanium thermal-storage tray, which was a great breakthrough in thermal-storage products.

Realize your dreams…

The development of a titanium tray for thermal storage is only an example. Asano has the technology to make clients’ ideas into reality and processes from product design to product manufacturing can meet clients’ demands. To put it bluntly, we can manufacture everything except for the water. Please contact us when Asano is wanted. (In fact, solidified water can also be made into many other things…)

Warm foods

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