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Inscribing Words on CAP RESERVOIR by Plaster Casting

The client’s requirements

  • The client hoped to inscribe words on CAP RESERVOIR.
  • We did not adopt the traditional screen printing technology but adopt the casting technology instead. Would that work?

A design corporation asked us to inscribe 40 English words (each with the height of three centimeters and the width of one centimeter) on CAP RESERVOIR by sand casting. In general, words can be inscribed on CAP RESERVOIR through screen printing. However, the client hoped to inscribe words on CAP RESERVOIR in the way of sand casting. We suggested that the client give up the mode of sand casting and choose plaster casting. Our solution was approved by the client and then implemented. At that time, some difficulties still existed:

  • We did not know whether the inscribed words could be clearly displayed.
  • The unit price could not be accurately calculated before manufacturing completion.
  • The words could not be arranged as shown in the drawing.

We reported the difficult points to the client and commenced processing upon the client’s consent. Fortunately, the client was very satisfied with the product we manufactured and it is said that the product is still displayed in the show window by the client. Thereupon, we received many such kinds of orders. Good relationship between Asano and the clients was established and the coping capacity of Asano was testified.

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