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We Succeeded in Manufacturing Required Products
in a Limited Time Period. At the Same Time, We Communicated Closely with the Customer and Reassured the Customer.

A client hoped that we could manufacture some aluminium products as soon as possible.

The client’s requirements

  • Short manufacturing period.
  • The shape of the products was difficult to process and the specified material was aluminum.
  • A product consisted of eight parts of R/L, some of which were large-and-middle sized.

Asano initiated a discussion about the above requirements in the company. We concluded that we must control the efficiency of the process from mould manufacturing to stamping. Only in this way could we accomplish the task within such a short period. In this case, Asano attached great importance to close communication with the client. The processing precision must be increased in order to improve the efficiency of manufacturing operations. Moreover, a large number of problems would emerge due to minor errors at the design stage. Considering the short manufacturing period, Asano offered feedback to the client all the time and informed each process to the client so that the client could be relieved.

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