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Asano Co.,Ltd. Provides the Clients with a Wide Range of Services from Trial Production to Mass Production.

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At the beginning, we received an order for two trial products at a unit price of thousands of yen. The client demanded that we "bend the round bar for three times and weld it to the bracket”. Asano was good at trial production and our trial products satisfied the clients. Several months after the delivery of the trial products, we received an inquiry about mass production of round bars from the client, and the client hoped that we could manufacture 1800 round bars per month for four years and could control the unit price at a level lower than hundreds of yen. To satisfy the the client’s demands, Asano reduced the cost by integrating design and sales, and came up with the optimum processing solution for manufacturing process.

In general, in processing by using pipe bending machines, the mass-production price that was expected by the client could not be realized if cost and quantity were not perfectly controlled.

The above conclusion was obtained at that time. However, after further discussion, we finally came up with the optimum solution for the client. The solution was as follows:

Obtaining the initial overhead

  • Manufacturing processing fixtures
  • Preparing testing tools
  • Preparing relevant equipment

We treated it as a present for the client and proposed the solution. We also worked out the mass-production price based on the required production quantity and the requirement for recovery of the investment in equipment within four years. Therefore, we met the client’s requirements for transition from trial production to mass production by making full use of the flexible coping capacity of Asano.

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