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Processing Technology of Asano

Trial Sheet Metal Processing

From manufacturing of trial metal molds to using various hydraulic machineries for pressing, 3D 5-axis laser machine for trimming and boring, flanging, hem joint, welding, fully manual processing with special skills etc, our company possesses all technologies of trial sheet metal processing with the most advanced mechanical equipment and manual technology. In order to realize quick delivery, FC blank is always available. Our company possesses 30 t -1,200 t hydraulic punching machines. In addition to iron, stainless steel and aluminum, inconel, Hastelloy, titanium and other special type materials may also be machined. In addition to single trial sheet metal processing, various assemblies may also be machined.

  • Processing Technology of Asano
    • Trial Sheet Metal Processing
    • Stamping Dies for Trial Production
    • Trial Production and Cutting of Metal and Resin Products
    • Trial Pipe Processing
    • Mass-Produced Sheet Metal Processing
    • Stamping Dies for Mass Production
    • Precision Mold for Plastic Injection Molding
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