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Factory Introduction

Introduction of Head Office, Gunma Factory

Head Office, Gunma Factory

Head office, Gunma factory produces prototype parts and press metal molds for mass production. We have a technology development department that develops new technologies and new products and an administration department that heads up all our operating divisions.

Prototype Section

Prototype sheet metal section holds equipment for 3-D modeling from drawing data by CAD, casting of prototype mold by ZAS(zinc alloy), shaping processing and finishing by heavy machining center, sheet metal processing applicable to the various sizes by oil hydraulic press from 30-ton to 1200-ton, trimming processing by laser beam machine, welding, hand working, assembly, pipe processing,
checking by 3-D measuring instrument and quality assurance , which are needed for the production of prototype sheet metal press parts and we produce in integrated production lines. In assembly, we have heavy spot welders that can process various shapes, robot welders, roller hemming processers, etc and we also have many welding technicians who are excellent in TIG welding that requires a great deal of skills. We have NC lathes , NC fraises and wire cut electric discharge machines and can machine resins and metals. At CAD section, we can do reverse engineering that makes 3-D data from various analyses and shape measured data with non-contact shape measuring instrument.

Press Metal Mold for mass production department

In press metal mold for mass production department, we produce metal molds for mass production such as single-shot type, transfer type, progressive type and jigs.
We design metal molds and analyze by making the best use of CAD and make a trial run with 1,000-ton mechanical press in-house.
We have good production performance of metal molds for mass production for body parts, function parts, intake and exhaust parts, seat parts for automobiles and outer parts and inner parts for motorcycles.




2718-1, Sanwa-cho, Isesaki-shi, Gunma-ken,JAPAN,372-0011

TEL 0270-75-1700
FAX 0270-75-1600

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Main Equipment

1200t Hydraulic press 1000t Mechanical press
ZAS casting Spot welding manipulator system
Hemming manipulator system 3D six-axis welding manipulator
Five-axis controlling machining center Terminal crimping machine

Head Office, Gunma Factory (the First Metal Division)

Location 2718-1, Sanwa‐cho, Isesaki City, Gunma, 372-0011 Japan
TEL 0270-75-1700
FAX 0270-75-1600
Trial sheet metal parts: moulds – products and assembly.
Processing of machine tools, incurved ends of round bars and pipes.
Fixture design and production. Injection moulds – products.
Welding and assembly by using welding guns and manipulators, bending and assembly of round bars and pipes.
Design and production of mass-produced stamping dies and fixtures.
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