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Factory Introduction

Shizuoka Factory

Shizuoka factory is a factory to produce prototype sheet metal press parts, mass production stamping dies, the mass production press sheet metal parts. Shizuoka factory can prepare drawing data by using the CAD, build 3D models, and perform cutting processing and finishing processing in the machining center, stamping by using hydraulic punching machines, trimming by using laser machines, welding, hand working, and fixture manufacturing, examinations and quality assurance provided by 3D measurers. In addition, Shizuoka factory owns equipment that is required to manufacture trial sheet metal stamping parts. Moreover, Shizuoka factory owns a 300-ton chain-drive progressive die punching machine to enable trial production and mass production.

Shizuoka Factory

Shizuoka Factory (2nd Metal Division)

Location 151-1, Nishikata, Kikugawa City , Shizuoka, 439-0037 Japan
TEL 0537-35-6565
FAX 0537-35-6566
Mass production of moulds and sheet metal parts, and trial production of sheet metal parts moulds, products and assembly.
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