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Factory Introduction

Factory Introduction

Factory · Business Office List

Head Office, Gunma Factory (the First Metal Division)

Location 2718-1, Sanwa‐cho, Isesaki City, Gunma, 372-0011 Japan
TEL 0270-75-1700
FAX 0270-75-1600
Trial sheet metal parts: moulds – products and assembly.
Processing of machine tools, incurved ends of round bars and pipes.
Fixture design and production. Injection moulds – products.
Welding and assembly by using welding guns and manipulators, bending and assembly of round bars and pipes.
Design and production of mass-produced stamping dies and fixtures.

Shizuoka Factory (2nd Metal Division)

Location 151-1, Nishikata, Kikugawa City , Shizuoka, 439-0037 Japan
TEL 0537-35-6565
FAX 0537-35-6566
Mass production of moulds and sheet metal parts, and trial production of sheet metal parts moulds, products and assembly.

Kyoto Factory (Resin Division)

Location 378-7, Tsukiyama-Cho, Kuze,Minami-Ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto, 601-8203 Japan
TEL 075-921-6324
FAX 075-922-4974
Precision quenching moulds for plastic injection
(Used for cameras, computers, medical equipment, office equipment, and automobiles)
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