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Pride of "Stars of Asano" Passion of "Stars of Asano" for product manufacturing Visualization of Techniques ProjectH New headquarters guidance

Pride of "Stars of Asano" Passion of "Stars of Asano" for product manufacturing

vol.1 - Hitoshi Nakamura
( Director of the Technology Development Department and leader of the Improvement Project )

58 years has passed since the establishment of technology-centered Asano There is a person who has accompanied the company for more than 20 years. He is Jin Nakamura, who will embrace his 27-year in the company. No one represents technology in Asano more than Jin Nakamura. Let us introduce the ardent craftsmanship in sharp contrast with his quietness and poise.

[ To be continued ]

vol.2 - Osamu Katou
( Technology development department Development and Production Section / Section Manager )

Product manufacturing of Asano is geared to the world. Asano took an opportunity from the “Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition” in the summer of 2010, and expected to accelerate internationalization development in the future. In Japan, “Stars of Asano”, who challenge the product manufacturing with top quality, work unremittingly to meet customers’ requirements. One of them is Osamu Katou, an expert with 20-year experience. Behind Katou’s shy smiling face, there is great enthusiasm for product manufacturing. Now, let us introduce him!

[ To be continued ]

vol.3 - Hiroyuki Hara
( Technology development department Technical Guidance Office / Office Head )

Hara has been devoted to quality guaranty for twenty-one years. In Asano, nobody can be more qualified about quality guaranty than Hara.
As long as he takes a glance at the design drawing, he can understand the designer's mind.
Calm eyes and way of speaking are the styles of quality guaranty in Asano.

[ To be continued ]

vol.5 - Shigeru Imai ( Resin Division SERA, Manufacturing Technology Department, Production Technology Department Gr, Level 1 Electricity-Discharge Machining Mechanic, Engineer )

Spring of 2010 was the first time for him to travel in China together with his family. In autumn of this year, he got the changing department announcement.
"Shigeru Imai, will be appointed to go to China to work in 2011". It can be unbelievable that I will work in China where I never dreaming to go.For the first business of Asano in China, the total of 5 Samurai (workers) including Imai are about to depart.

[ To be continued ]

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