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Concerning the Protection of Personal Information

Basic policy of Asano Co.,Ltd. to protect personal information

Our company recognizes that it is the responsibility of an enterprise to use and protect user name, birth date, domicile, mail address etc. information for identifying specific individual (called “personal information” below), and takes the following measures.

1. The purpose of using personal information

Personal information, is only used to provide product and useful information, provide service and other proper purposes.

2. Achievement of personal information

Appropriate method is used to acquire personal information, notify and publicize the utilization purpose.

3. Appropriate management of personal information

Make efforts to prevent missing, damaging, falsification, disclosing of personal information as well as illegal access to personal information.

4. Provision to a third party is restricted

Unless required by law, personal information will not be disclosed or provided to any third party without personal consent.

5. Assignee management

When any external person is entrusted to deal with personal information, agreement should be signed with the assignee to protect personal information for appropriate management.

6. Revision, addition, deletion of personal information

With respect to personal information, when oneself puts forward revision, addition, deletion requirements, necessary measures should be taken rapidly to meet the requirements.

7. Abide by decree

Personal information may be used in compliance with relevant personal information protection decree etc., the basic policy should be evaluated and improved timely.

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