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New Product Development

Our efforts in the research and development
of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRTP)

Development of one-minute molding technology for large complex shaped products

CAE molding analysis contributes to improving yields by predicting cracks, wrinkles and blank shapes.

Front floor molded product

Hood inner molded product

Development of deep drawing and process reduction molding technology with temperature control mold

Deeper and more complex shapes can be molded by using temperature-controlled molds.

Product molded by deep

Our original miniature Formula 1 race car manufactured in the Visualization of Techniques Project

High-strength low-cost joining technology for CFRTP

Experiment underway to further increase the strength of fusion bonding with metals

SUS304 + CFRTP joined product

CFRTP + CFRTP joined product

Development of hybrid molding technology for CFRTP

Difficult molding realized by combining press molding + injection molding + die designing technologies

Press molding + injection
molding + trimming and piercing

CFRTP hybrid molding product

Development of CFRTP + metal integral molding technology

Development underway with structural parts for vehicles as the target

Metal + CFRTP
integrally-molded product
Stampable sheet

Metal + CFRTP
integrally-molded product
Crossmember sample

Metal + CFRTP
integrally-molded product
Center pillar sample

Metal + CFRTP
integrally-molded product
Bumper reinforcement sample

Development of heated & cooled high cycle molding technology

High added value product realized by using a heated & cooled mold (Our original shift cover molded product)

Sample of simultaneous
molding inside the mold (front)

Sample of simultaneous
molding inside the mold (back)

Development of 3D high-precision and high-efficiency processing technology using water jet cutting

CFRTP, which is said to be difficult to machine by laser processing, is processed through offline teaching

Abrasive jet cutter Rb
(Machining range:2000×1500)

Machining of CFRTP
by ultra-high pressure water
(Workpiece plate thickness 0.8㎜)

Hood inner processing sample

CFRTP processing facility

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