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技術の見える化 プロジェクトH ハノーバー・メッセ出展に向けたモノづくり

NORIMICHI ABE | Engineer / CAT & MCGr / Gunma production

ASANO Co., Ltd has grown together with the evolution of the materials.The new target material that they challenge is 「CFRTP」.They set up 「Visualization of techniques」 project in-house.
They say that they are going to produce a scale model of F1 with this new material.The challenger is ABE who supports manufacturing of Asano as engineer.Let’s share his challenge spirit where he hid his hot heart while being bashful.

To be continued

YASUHIKO SASAKI | Engineer / CAT & MCGr / Gunma production

SASAKI was raised at a seaside town in Iwate prefecture and dreamed of F1.His wish came true and he engaged in racing car activity for 10 years.Then, he gained experience of welding in ASANO Co., Ltd. for 7 years.As a member of “Visualization of techniques” project of scale model of F1 car manufacturing, his experience in racing car and welder as finisher, bears fruit. Let’s share his care about manufacturing that makes his dream come true.

To be continued

OSAMU KATO | Section manager / New Technology Development Department

KATO is a lump of endless aspiration. Through a scale model manufacturing at project H in “Visualization of techniques”, he took one step to the dream ever since entering ASANO Co., Ltd. that he makes a car all in-house. Let’s introduce KATO, a man of high resolve, and how he tackled with the beauty of surface treatment as the person in charge of carbon forming in the project.'

To be continued

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